here comes the sun

A few months ago I had the unique pleasure of providing some music for the wedding ceremony of two of my favorite people on this earth. Shortly after Lesley and Aaron were engaged, L asked me if I would play at their ceremony – and I instantaneously abandoned my personal vow to never play at a wedding ever again. A few months later, she came to me and proposed the idea of playing a Beatles song – another vow immediately broken. Despite the irony of breaking multiple vows for the purpose of enabling others to make their own (far more important) vows, she couldn't have picked a better song to encapsulate the feeling I witnessed on Aaron's face as she walked down to meet him. I picked up my guitar and the first few chords I plucked out seemed to perfectly highlight the simple beauty of a song Harrison wrote almost fifty years ago and has since been shoved into every living person's ears, willing or not. I pulled out my iPhone and immediately recorded a voice memo of the song in its most raw and vulnerable form, complete with blaring window-air unit in the background, and just below you will find that recording.