'Pendulum' Featuring Angela Of Bandit Is Now Streaming Via Stereogum | Preorders Now Available


This song is built around a 6/8 riff that I wrote with intention to use with a previous project, making it the song that took the longest to complete on the entire record. We initially called it Pendulum because of the feeling of swinging back and forth that you get when you play the song. Over a year later while preparing to go into the studio to track In Time We Belong, I finished up the lyrics to the core of this song and realized the lyrical theme took an eerily similar turn. I wrote Pendulum in a time when I was feeling more stagnant than productive, mourning the monotony of daily life, and constantly mulling over the now iconic trope: "Time is a flat circle." Ironically enough, the back and forth motion of a pendulum seemed to perfectly identify the general feeling of this song, so that soon became its permanent title.

After listening to the mixes for this record over and over I realized two things about this song:

A) This song almost perfectly sums up the overarching theme of the other 9 songs. 

B) The instrumental section towards the end of the song is too long. 

This was before I decided to ask Angela to lend her flawlessly smooth voice to the track. I began frantically trying to come up with a set of lyrics that would not only tie up the song, but serve to solidify the album's purpose as well. I finally settled on:

Have we lost sight of the forest from the safety of the treetops? 

In time, will we find ourselves? In time, will we belong?

"In time" takes on two meanings here; 'will we find ourselves eventually?' and 'will find ourselves [residing] in time?' This idea obviously inspired the album title, which makes the assertion that we do belong in time, whether that means we will figure out where we belong eventually, or that we belong in the process. 

I hope you enjoy the track.


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